• Guide where to Buy Stamps.

    For most of the postage stamps, you can purchase from the post office near you. But some postage stamps are rare and hard to come by. Depending on their availability, some stamps may cost higher than the others as well. Here are a few locations which may be close to you and where you can find the stamps you want.


    Retail supermarket


    Locate the biggest supermarket stores like Walmart and Target Corp near you. Retail supermarkets are your first bright choice in finding the stamps you are looking for. Retail superstores contain every utensil from stationary to clothing and household items. Therefore, there is a high chance that they might have the stamps you want.


    Grocery Store


    Grocery stores are an alternative to large retail supermarkets. If you do not have a large retail supermarket your vicinity, then go for the largest grocery stores. The grocery stores now have evolved to compete against business strategies introduced by the retail supermarkets. They have started allocating a separate section for stationary items. You are sure to find regular stamps in such grocery stores.




    Along with grocery stores, the pharmacy sector has also developed considerably over the years. With food, medicines and health care products, they have also started selling stamps. However, this is a long shot, since not all pharmacies involve themselves in selling stamps. Only a select few like RiteAid and Walgreens gets into this business of selling stamps. So, if you find such pharmacies near you, give it a try.




    Banks, like the retail superstores, are an ideal place to buy stamps. When you go to your bank next time, ask whether they have stamps. They are sure to have some since banking institutions are one of many sectors which frequently have postal needs. Since the bank is a place you may often visit for money transactions, you can buy stamps whenever you make such visits, instead of making a visit just for this.


    Go online


    If you cannot find stamps anywhere in the aforesaid places, then the last option still remaining for you is making an online purchase. Online websites like Amazon and Flipkart have grown to include everything in their selling list. Like so, they may have stamps for sales as well. If you are buying stamps online, remember to order them in roll, book or coil. A roll would have ten stamps, a book would have 100 and a coil would have 1000. Ordering in bulk would save you from needing it anytime soon and also you can share with your friends or sell it to a stranger.